We are Avoin – and our goal is to advance sustainable development with open-source digital solutions.

The road to a more sustainable future is open

Our name “Avoin” is Finnish and means “open”. We think this name is most suitable because it describes our way of working. We trust in open source software and data and adhere to the principles of open science.

We aim to create fully scalable digital solutions, and set the standards accordingly. Whenever creating a tool or a piece of software, we strive to build a solid foundation, so that our solution can keep growing in the future.

Our story

4/2023The beginning of collaboration with Taltech
3/2022Second round of funding from The Bank of Åland granted
2/2022Funding from the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry granted 
6/2021The launch of the building energy emission model 
9/2019Avoin Map founded as a company fully owned by Avoin association
Arvometsä´s forest model licenced for Avoin Map
First collaboration with FAO
8/2018The birth of Avoin association
5/2018The birth of Avoin Map at Hack the Forest Data
11/2016First spark at Ultrahack
By Linda Mandell

Read about our work here

Our mission is to ensure a better planet for future generations. Read here about all the many ways we are doing that.

We believe in global intellectual collaboration

Our world is vast, and so is the knowledge we need to make it a better place. Our network of experts spans the entire globe, and we are always happy to build new international connections. Together, we can face any challenge, both local and global.

Team Avoin

Our team consists of full-time employees, short-term employees, and freelancers. Our primary contact email is info@avoin.org.

Daniel Koch

Programmer, Founder


Jesse Bastide


Lara Jasim



Linda Mandell



Maija Karala


Mervi Kemppainen



Miki Korhonen


Mikko Jokinen



Otso Valta

Chairperson, Founder


Petja Valkama

Programmer, Founder


Sari Kivijärvi


Tuula Cox

Communications Specialist


Venla Inkari

Designer, Founder


Let’s make the planet better together

Are you interested in open-source software development for a better planet for all?

If yes, we just want to say… You weird! Just kidding. We love that! Feel free to shoot us a message below.