Sustainable development loves location data.

Avoin Map presents environmental data in a simple and approachable way. Unlock the path to green future with us.

Developing an innovative mapping tool for trailblazers.

Sustainability requires more than promises. Check out how Avoin Map can help you.


Avoin Maps supports utilizing data for green food production. Farmers will get a login to Avoin Map to view potentials for improving carbon balance in their field plots. In the future, farmers will be able to apply to verified climate programs covered by public and private supporters. 


Avoin Map displays carbon balance and other ecological key figures that support green forest management. In the future, the forest owners will also have a chance to be a part of verified climate programs.  


Avoin Map offers information about using renewable energy in heating and powering apartments, as well as utilizing recycled materials in the construction phase. In the future, apartment owners will also have the opportunity to apply to verified climate programs. 


Green investors will be supporting the sustainable future. That is why Avoin Map shows environmental data globally. This will help financiers monitor emissions of almost any specific area, allowing them to make informed investment decisions. 


We think it is vital for laws and regulations to push companies towards greener business practices. That is why in the future, Avoin Map will also include features for policymakers, tracking emission sources, carbon sinks, biodiversity hotspots and reusable materials in designated areas.

Teachers and students

By including environmental knowledge within the education of children and youth we will create a generation of change makers. Avoin Map is available for teachers and other educators to use as a part of education for sustainable development. The map deepens students ́ understanding of the contemporary challenges and possibilities in environmental development. 

Agriculture & forestry

Avoin Map is an easy way to manage your local resources sustainably and more efficiently.

Organisations & Cities

Avoin Map helps organisations, businesses and municipalities to be a part of the greener future.


Avoin Map is available for teachers and other educators to use as a part of education for sustainable development.

The place for quality sustainability data.

Searching for useful environmental data is a struggle, but luckily Avoin Map helps bring all the puzzle pieces together. Here are some of the ways you can use Avoin Map. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Avoin Map supports balanced forestry by providing up-to-date data on forest carbon stock, helping forest owners increase carbon sinks and foster biodiversity on their property.


Avoin Map compiles geological and satellite data with the private information of farmers. This hybrid data is used as a foundation for improving carbon balance in the designated farms and fields.


Avoin Map displays buildings and their carbon footprint on material and energy consumption. The Map supports sustainable city development from renovating old buildings to utilizing renewable energy. The Map is interactive and helpful for city planners, building owners, constructors, and demolishers.


Avoin Map helps city planners and zoning officers plan construction in a way that conserves forests and peatlands. It also makes it easier to evaluate how zoning affects the local environment.

Let’s map out a sustainable future together.