Science is not about why. It’s about why not.

Create games with us!

Eko Game Jam is where game artists, programmers and environmental experts come together to create fun games utilising environmental data provided by The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Ministry of the Environment, Finnish Environment Institute and other partners.

Game mentors

Samuli Jääskeläinen


Game developer, furious jammer and unpredictable traveler. Creator of over 100 games. Currently pushing VR industry forward at Varjo.

Sini Haapanen


Artist, game jammer and deputy member of the Finnish Game Jam Ry. Currently working as a VFX artist at Frozenbyte, with a history of various artist positions.

Petri Räsänen


Lead Artist at mobile game studio Seriously. Passionate about all aspects of game development. Finds game jams to be the perfect place to try out new ideas and platforms.


Utilise environmental data in your games!

We hope that you power your game prototype with any of the datasets listed here. You can choose to use just one CO2 number or use the data more comprehensively. Please ask help from mentors onsite and online!

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Games have the power to inspire, entertain and educate any mind, no matter how old or young. Let’s use this power together for the common good. We hope to see you at our events!